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Our vision is to empower all consumers in the fight to reclaim our planet.

We need forward-thinking approaches that perform measurably better for our planet. It’s time for people to feel good about their purchases and for businesses to meet that challenge.

— Leonardo DiCaprio, Strategic Advisor

Our portfolio companies are tackling the greatest challenge humanity faces: the climate emergency.

Turnkey rental and resale service
World's first small-scale carbon capture device
Engineered microbes for textile dyeing
Home compostable Styrofoam™ alternative
Cruz Foam
Earth’s favorite lifestyle brand
Data-driven waste management
Smarter Sorting
Powering the usage economy
Luxury lab-grown leather
Vitro Labs

Driven by circular and regenerative principles

Leaving behind the linear economy for a circular and regenerative paradigm is no longer a choice. It will determine the prosperity of our species and planet.

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The Carbon Bridge to Circular Economies
21 Jun, 2022

The Carbon Bridge to Circular Economies

Authored by our two rising stars, Destana Herring and Eva Wallack, this piece offers insight into the burgeoning carbon capture utilization & storage industry. Learn more about the potential for circular carbon economies, with input from key industry experts.
Steal this hot new summer look (it’s bacteria)
27 May, 2022

Steal this hot new summer look (it’s bacteria)

The environmental crises linked to textiles have given rise to several firms that aim to reimagine dyeing altogether. One such company, Colorifix, just got a boost via a $22.6 million (£18 million) Series B round, led by Swedish fashion giant H&M. Colorifix stands out for its progress in using microbes (such as E. coli) to naturally deposit dyes directly onto fabrics. Its microorganisms are engineered to produce specific colors and then brewed in vats like beer.
From Plumber To Cleantech Inventor And Entrepreneur
26 May, 2022

From Plumber To Cleantech Inventor And Entrepreneur

In 2017, after more than a decade of tinkering and research, Cardiff co-founded Clean02, a company that sells a device able to capture commercial customers’ CO2 and turn it into useful products—soap, shampoo, fertilizer and the like—all while providing them what he describes as a fast and efficient return on their investment, while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by about 20%.
3 Ways We Can Collaborate Better for a Stronger Circular Economy - WEF
25 May, 2022

3 Ways We Can Collaborate Better for a Stronger Circular Economy - WEF

Circular economy solutions are critical for sustainable growth and climate action. But the circular economy hasn’t hastened as only 8.6% of the world is currently circular. Until recently, there have been few investors focused on circularity, especially in Asia. But things may be changing with the emergence of funds for early-stage circular ventures from the likes of Regeneration.VC and the Circular Innovation Fund (CIF).
World Economic Forum